Myra Hirano 

Myra is a Physiotherapist from Brazil living in Norway.

She has an extensive experience, with over 14 years of teaching Pilates as an instructor and also 8 years teaching in Pilates Instructor Trainings around Brazil.

Myra had her own Pilates Studio in Brazil for 5 years until moving to Norway in 2015. At this time, Myra was renowned for being an expert in pre/post natal Pilates.

She had her certification in Brazil in 2006 and has since then travelled around the world to be trained by world famous international Pilates Instructors, having courses with Rodrigo Nanô🇧🇷, Phillippe Taupin🇫🇷, Junghee Won🇺🇸, Brett Howard 🇺🇸, Stephanie Guimond 🇬🇧, Rael Isacowitz🇺🇸, Cara Reeser🇺🇸, Jean Claude Nelson🇩🇪, Benjamin Degenhardt🇺🇸, Rebekah Rotstein🇺🇸, Inelia Garcia🇧🇷, Alan Herdman🇬🇧, Lolita San Miguel🇺🇸, Mary Bohen🇺🇸, Alexandra Bohlinger🇬🇧 and others.

She teaches classical Mat Pilates classes and also Teacher Training Certification programs in Rogaland – Norway.

Contact Myra ➡️

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